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Perfumies Afterglow Solid Perfume Stick

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Do you ever take your big bottle of perfume with you? To work, to school, to the gym, or on a plane? Probably not, because it is cumbersome, can break or spill in your bag, and TSA unapproved. Perfumies’ solid perfume sticks solve all these problems…

Perfumies sells solid perfume sticks in a countless number of scents. This review is for the scent Buttercup: a blend of fresh churned butter, sugar, and all natural vanilla bean.

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Perfumies’ solid perfume sticks come in small, plastic tubes about three (3) inches long. They have caps that slide off and bases that twist to push up the product as you use it. The packaging is feather-light and small, making these extremely convenient to take in your purse, luggage, or pocket.

The best thing about the Perfumies perfumes is the lack of any alcohol smell. Almost all liquid/spray perfumes are alcohol-based. If you are like me and are sensitive to the alcohol (either its smell or its irritation of the skin) in most perfumes, this is a wonderful alternative. These perfumes are wax and oil based, so they won’t cause the same kind of irritation. Plus, these perfume sticks are much easier to apply in a targeted way. They go on clear, but you might want to also rub them into the skin because sometimes you can see a streak where you’ve applied the perfume.

Buttercup is a savory, bakery-type scent with buttery, sugary, vanilla notes. Though I’m not a fan of food-based smells, Buttercup has a generalized enough smell to it that you don’t automatically think of food when you smell it.

This perfume’s intensity is soft. It isn’t nearly as noticeable compared to Perfumies’s other scents. It can only really be picked up by closely smelling wherever you’ve placed the fragrance. It also loses its intensity quickly–after about two (2) hours of wear. And after about five (5) hours of wear, it’s hard to detect the scent on your skin.

The price is unbeatable for these perfumes. Just $7.00 for a stick that will last you a very long time.


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