Review & Swatches: Michael Kors Glam Lip Lacquer in “Dame”


Michael Kors Sporty Lip Lacquer in Dame

Availability: Macy’s
Price: $24.00
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Company’s Description

Moisturizing formula featuring Shea Butter and Vitamin E provides a soft, luxurious feel and sheer to medium coverage that wears for hours. Comes in 3 trend-setting shades: Diva (Sporty), Bombshell (Sexy) and Dame (Glam).

Michael Kors’s new beauty line is divided into 3 sub-sections: Sporty, Sexy, and Glam. Each section has a nail polish, lip gloss, lipstick, and bronzer.

This review is for the Lip Lacquer lipstick from the Glam line, Dame–a deep red with red flecks.


Packaging: 9.75/10

Michael Kors’s Lip Lacquers come in rectangular tubes made of mirrored gold plastic. They have Michael Kors printed on the outside of the tube as well as embossed onto the back of the lipstick bullet. The packaging is incredibly sleek and glamorous, though it is a magnet for finger prints.

Quality: 8.5/10

Dame is a semi-translucent deep red shade with red flecks in it. The flecks aren’t shimmer particles–they don’t reflect light–so they end up looking like little spots. You don’t really notice them unless you look closely.

This lipstick has an emollient formula that feels more like a moisturizing chapstick than a conventional lipstick. It’s great for people with dry lips, but it also means that the lipstick doesn’t wear as long as your conventional lipstick.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Because this lipstick has a chapstick-like formula, it glides on pretty effortlessly during application.

Price: 9.5/10

For $24.00 you get 0.11 ounces (3.4 grams) of product. Compared to its brand counter-parts, this lipstick costs much less while giving you the same amount of product.

Final Grade


Michael Kors Sporty Lip Lacquer Box


Michael Kors Sporty Lip Lacquer


Michael Kors Sporty Lip Lacquer in Dame


Michael Kors Sporty Lip Lacquer in Dame


Michael Kors Sporty Lip Lacquer in Dame Swatch


Michael Kors Sporty Lip Lacquer in Dame Applied

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