Review: The Trendy Box Jewelry Subscription Box


The Trendy Box

Availability: The Trendy Box
Price: $25.00/month
Disclosures: PR Sample

The Trendy Box is a monthly jewelry box that includes 2-4 trendy jewelry pieces and accessories. The company offers 4 different subscription plans for you to choose from.

The Trendy Box comes in a box made of white cardboard. The top of the lid slides off and has a sticker label on top with the name and logo of the company printed on it. I think the box could be sturdier and higher quality.

This box (which was from July) contained 3 jewelry items–a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet–and an accessory–a cell phone plug.

The necklace is my favorite. It’s beautiful, shimmers gold and pink, and looks more expensive than the material it’s made of. I like the starfish earrings too. They are gold with copper inset faux-diamonds. They look both playful and sophisticated at the same time. The bracelet is really not my taste. It’s made of wiry material in cross-shapes with blue dash-shaped beads. It doesn’t look sophisticated or refined.

I especially think the cell phone accessory was disappointing. It’s a plug that goes into your ear phone jack as an accessory. It has a pink flower on the end of the plug.

I think the necklace and earrings are decent-to-good quality, but the bracelet and accessory weren’t high quality. The bracelet and phone accessory also seem more suited for a younger demographic–pre-teen or teenager.

For $25.00 per month, I think the items you get should be higher quality–both in terms of design and also in terms of the materials the items are made of. The designs should also be more uniform. I don’t think the same person who would wear the necklace or earrings in this box would wear the bracelet.

If you’ve had experience with other months’ Trendy Boxes, please let me know!


The Trendy Box


The Trendy Box


The Trendy Box


The Trendy Box


The Trendy Box: Necklace


The Trendy Box: Necklace


The Trendy Box: Bracelet


The Trendy Box: Earrings


The Trendy Box: Accessory

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