Review: Unite Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner


Unite Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Availability: Unite
Price: $27.50 (Shampoo) / $29.95 (Conditioner)
Disclosures: PR Sample

Company’s Description

Shampoo: Create soft flexible volume and enhance natural luster and shine. Volumizes without sacrificing your hair’s natural moisture. Imagine that!!
Conditioner: Enjoy the feeling of fullness, volume and shine without the weight! Your hair will feel so manageable and light , you’ll be on cloud nine all day.

Here is a review of Unite’s Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Both of these products are sulfate- and paraben-free as well as being 100% vegan.

Unite’s haircare products come in tall, long, opaque, white plastic tubes. The caps snap open to dispense the product inside.

The Volumizing Shampoo has medium lather and rinses out cleanly. The Volumizing Conditioner has a thin consistency and also rinses out pretty quickly. Because this is a volumizing set, the conditioner doesn’t bring as much moisture to the hair compared to a normal conditioner. This keeps the conditioner “light” and prevents it from weighing down the hair.

This set won’t actively make your hair volumized, but it won’t weigh down thin strands the way other shampoos and conditioners might. This set is ideal if you have thin hair that isn’t damaged, dry, or brittle.

Both of these haircare products have a distinctly sweet scent to them. Normally, I’m not a fan of sweet smells. But the scent for these doesn’t bother me. The best part? The fragrance lingers on your strands even after you’ve rinsed and dried your hair, so you get the benefit of the scent for the whole day after washing.

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