Shu Uemura 6❤Princess by Takashi Murakami Collection – Holiday 2013


Release Date: Currently Available
Availability: Shu Uemura

Company’s Description

6❤Princess by Takashi Murakami for shu uemura reflects the timeless and universal theme of the transformation of feminine desire to reflect another, inner self; the parallel universe between real and surreal, the dark and light sides that exist in every woman. In collaboration with Takashi Murakami, shu uemura introduces a holiday collection that offers “dual beauty.” This contemporary make-up collection focuses on the paradox of pink and black princess characters as feminine icons- because every woman has a duality within, nice and naughty, innocent and sexy. Explore further dimensions of your charm, your pink side and your black side. Play with the possibilities of multi-faceted beauty, and transform into your other self.

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Heart-full Pink Parallel Eye and Cheek Palette ($69.00)

  • Iridescent White Pressed Eye Shadow
  • Iridescent Yellow Pressed Eye Shadow
  • Dark Brown Silk Smooth Eyeshadow
  • Glittery Pearl Light Pink Pressed Eye Shadow
  • Iridescent Pink Pressed Eye Shadow
  • Reddish Brown Silk Smooth Eyeshadow
  • Orange Silk Smooth Eyeshadow
  • Pearl Deep Pink Glow On

Enchanted Black Parallel Eye and Cheek Palette ($69.00)

  • Iridescent Gold Pressed Eye Shadow
  • Iridescent Silver Pressed Eye Shadow
  • Black Silk Smooth Eyeshadow
  • Glittery Pearl Pink Pressed Eye Shadow
  • Iridescent Purple Pressed Eye Shadow
  • Dark Violet Silk Smooth Eyeshadow
  • Dark Green Silk Smooth Eyeshadow
  • Pearl Plum Glow On

Cleansing Oil ($77.00)

  • Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Anti-Dullness Cleansing Oil, 450mL

Lasting Soft Gel Pencil Eyeliner ($24.00)

  • Miraculous Purple (Gold & black packaging)
  • Black Star (Black & white packaging)

Lip & Cheek Fun-tasy ($25.00)

  • Dream Pink
  • Fuchsia Fun-tasy
  • Heroin Rose
  • Princess Coral
  • Magical Red

Mini Nail Duo Fun-tasy Set ($30.00)

  • Pink Princess: Pink / glitter pink
  • Golden Gem: Purple / gold

Eyelash Curler ($24.00)

  • Heart and Flower by Murakami S Curler

False Eyelashes

  • Premium ”Black jewel on wing” ($75.00)
  • Natural ”Princess love in wink” ($30.00)













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One Response to Shu Uemura 6❤Princess by Takashi Murakami Collection – Holiday 2013

  1. Sassa says:

    Wow, how pwecious. All it’s missing is the sparkly unicorn eyeliner and a pink plastic ring with hearts and peace signs.

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