Face Stockholm Lipstick in Citrus & Summer Review, Photos, Swatches


Face Stockholm Lipsticks in Citrus & Summer

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Price: $22.00
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Company’s Description

Envelop your lips with sumptuous color. Face Stockholm Cream Lipstick delivers rich, long-wearing coverage to enhance that pretty pout with an alluring finish. Nourishing oils impart a healthy and luscious look for soft, kissable lips. Pair with your favorite lip gloss for an extra kick of luster.

Face Stockholm has a collection of lipsticks consisting of over 140 colors, divided up into 3 formulas: cream, matte, and veil. This review is for the lipsticks Citrus (cream) and Summer (cream).

Packaging: 9.25/10

Face Stockholm’s lipsticks come in reflective silver tubes made of what feels like thin metal.

Quality: 9.5/10

Citrus is a glossy, semi-translucent, peachy-pink with tiny silver shimmer. Summer is a bright, almost-opaque, pink-rose without shimmer.

Both of these shades have good, smooth pigmentation, though they have different finishes. Both shades have a creamy, slightly glossy formula that’s soft on the lips and feels very light-weight, making them pleasant to wear.

Citrus, having a more glossy formula, lasts for about 2 hours on the lips before needing a touch-up. Summer, having a more cream formula, lasts for longer–about 3 hours. Summer will also leave a stain behind on the lips.

Ease of Use: 9.5/10

The lipstick’s emollient formula means the shades glide onto the lips easily without needing to warm up the product.

Price: 9/10

For $22.00 you get 0.12 ounces (3.4 grams) of lipstick. You get the typical amount of lipstick, for a price below the standard price for high-end lipsticks.

Final Grade

**Please note that during the time I did photos for these lipsticks, my skin was going through a dry spell. Any dryness you see in the swatch photos is not due to the lipsticks. In fact, these lipsticks are on the moisturizing side!**


Face Stockholm Lipstick


Face Stockholm Lipstick


Face Stockholm Lipstick in Citrus


Face Stockholm Lipstick in Citrus


Face Stockholm Lipstick in Citrus Swatch


Face Stockholm Lipstick in Citrus Applied


Face Stockholm Lipstick in Summer


Face Stockholm Lipstick in Summer


Face Stockholm Lipstick in Summer Swatch


Face Stockholm Lipstick in Summer Applied

Pixi by Petra | Correction Concentrate

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One Response to Face Stockholm Lipstick in Citrus & Summer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. CarlaN says:

    Summer looks wonderful; Citrus just isn’t my kind of shade.
    I can imagine wearing Summer all, ya know, summer.
    These lipsticks are on the pricey side, but I don’t really mind paying more for high-quality cruelty-free products.
    I think Summer has my name on it!

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