Forever 21 Launches Premium Makeup Line


Release Date: Currently Available
Availability: Forever 21

Company’s Description

Our new collection of beauty must-haves features a full range of elevated essentials from skin care to lip gloss to artistry brushes, and everything in-between.

Forever 21 has launched their new Premium Cosmetics line, which includes over 30 different items for the face, lips, cheeks, and eyes. The line also includes a range of brushes. Prices range from $6.80 to $14.80. Check it out!

Find fun fearless fashion at Forever 21. Get Free Shipping on orders over $50.

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2 Responses to Forever 21 Launches Premium Makeup Line

  1. Lily says:

    Massive copy of Topshop makeup

    • Allura says:

      Actually, I thought the exact same thing–that the packaging is a lot like TopShop’s. I don’t know if “copying” is really the right word though, since TopShop doesn’t own the packaging/makeup. Those are made by a 3rd-party manufacturer.

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