Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink Collection – Spring 2014


Release Date: March 2014
Availability: Shu Uemura

Company’s Description

Shu Uemura expands the versatility and excitement of eye make-up with calligraph:ink liquid eye liner. The Asian calligraphy-inspired eye liner and brush design draws endless possibilities. Calligraph:ink is a supremely versatile, high technique tool- backed by professional make-up artists insights so every woman can achieve beautiful and fun eye make-up with control and accuracy.

Calligraph:ink beautifully frames eyes, it synchronizes with a collection of eye shadows for stand out color against the intense Asian calligraphy black. For the first time ever, shu uemura also presents innovative paper lashes in two designs, developed exclusively for shu uemura by PAPERSELF.

shu uemura US

Calligraph:ink Liquid Eye Liner

  • calligraph:ink liquid eye liner refillable applicator
  • calligraph:ink cartridge

Pressed Eye Shadow ($15.00 USD / $19.00 CAD)

  • S light beige 815
  • G beige 821
  • S medium brown 853
  • S dark brown 884
  • ME vermillion 252

Paper Lashes ($36.00 CAD)

  • cupid angel
  • love lasts forever








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