About the Author
Partly to escape the intensity and stress of graduate work, I started looking into becoming a freelance makeup artist. The creativity involved in makeup artist work is part of my motivation for starting Allura Beauty.

As my interest in the beauty industry grew, I gradually realized that cosmetics companies sold a lot of empty promises to women and men. So many times, I would see a commercial on TV or read an advertisement in a magazine for a beauty product that promised me miracles in a jar. I would go out and buy the product I saw, thinking for sure that this time, the product would do what it said. Usually, I would be disappointed. After experiencing this pattern enough times, I became annoyed. And then I wondered whether anyone else felt the way I did.

I began searching for what other customers had to say about certain products before I went out and bought them. I also began doing more scientific research into the chemicals and ingredients found in cosmetic items to see what they actually did. As I learned more and more about what products were and weren’t capable of achieving, I found I became less frustrated with what I bought; my expectations changed because I knew which advertising claims were true and which ones weren’t. I avoided falling for claims I knew were bogus.

As I said earlier, creativity is part of my motivation for creating this blog. The other part is a desire to share accurate, objective information about beauty products with beauty consumers. I want Allura Beauty to be a place where readers can see what a product looks like and find out how it performs–how it stands up against a company’s claims–before they go out and buy it. I also want Allura Beauty to be a place where readers can learn about cosmetic ingredients so that they can make educated choices about what products to buy and which to avoid, even if I haven’t reviewed them yet.  (Please see my first post for more information.)

The last part of what motivated me to create Allura Beauty was a desire to interact with and learn from other people in the beauty community. Makeup should be, above all, fun. And, to me, it’s always fun to learn what other people’s experiences are with beauty products. I don’t plan to ever stop learning from other makeup artists, beauty gurus, or anyone who is interested in cosmetics and has something to say about them.

About the Site
Allurabeauty.com was launched December 2010.

This blog is designed to do three things: (1) educate readers, (2) learn from readers, and (3) make makeup fun.

Educating readers:  Whether you visit Allura Beauty regularly to stay up-to-date about the beauty community or you visit just once because you are interested in a specific product, this blog is intended to be a place for you to find detailed information about what you are interested in. Allura’s main content consists of collection previews, product reviews, makeup tutorials, and beauty education (see the Bright Beauty series).

Allura Beauty is unique because the information shared is designed to be as objective as possible–everything from pictures that show you the true colors of makeup to posts that bust common beauty myths. Of course, I will share my personal thoughts and experiences with makeup products in my reviews. But in addition, I will do my best to tell you what your experience will be like with a product and account for your different needs (according to, for example, your skin type) and expectations.

Learning from readers: Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts, both with me and with other readers. All posts allow readers to comment. Please don’t be afraid to agree or disagree with the posts or other readers (as long as you are respectful, of course). The more information, the better!

Having fun: Despite all my blabbering about objectivity and information, what is most important is that readers have fun. Enjoy talking to other readers in the comment sections, inspect products with the detailed pictures I post, get excited about new makeup goodies with the collection previews, and win prizes by entering Allura Beauty giveaways!

Be bright, be beautiful.

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