Review & Swatches: Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer

Price: $3-4
Availability: Drugstores, Target

Company’s Description

Revolutionary nail buffer creates 400% more shine than bare nails. Buff nails to a topcoat shine in a matter of seconds…results that last for 3 days.

This is a review of Revlon’s new Crazy Shine Nail Buffer, which you can find at your local drugstore or Target.
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New NARS Illuminators

Super Orgasm, Copacabana, Laguna

Release date: Currently available

Company’s Description

NARS Illuminators light the skin from within. A collection of light-reflecting liquids that glide on to refresh and enhance the complexion to create a shimmering incandescence.

Go gorgeously nude with peachy pink Orgasm or up the ante with Super Orgasm’s extra golden glow. Highlight with pearlescent Copacabana and bring out the bronze with sun-kissed Laguna. Wear them alone, pair them with makeup, or caress your décolleté. Deceptively sheer, decidedly luminous. Magically transform your skin from ordinary to extraordinary.

NARS has added 3 Illuminator colors to the already-existing Orgasm Illuminator.
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Dior Mitzah Bricard Collection

Release date: April 2011
Availability: Dior counters &

This Spring, Dior will release a leopard-designed collection inspired by Mitzah Bricard–Christian Dior’s muse. Ms. Bricard was known for her love of animal prints. This collection includes an eye shadow palette and 2 nail varnishes.
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MAC Cremeblend Blushes for Spring 2011

Release date: March 3, 2011
Availability: MAC stores &

Company’s Description

For every contour control freak, for every persistent perfectionist comes this wondrous way to play with blush that gives you the most magnificent flexibility you’ve ever had…Starts creamy, stays creamy and proves once and for all that powder is NOT your only prerogative. You can get back to a new build for that retro “rouge” look Old Hollywood Glamour made modern or stop at subtle and natural; it’s all in your hands. In three aspects, two shades of each: One matched to skin, one for a brighter glow and one darker for cream contouring, it’s perfect for all skin colours, minus the silicone, particularly adept at preventing ashiness on darker complexions. Make powdery a thing of the past.

Although Blushcremes have been discontinued, MAC has created a new set of Cremeblend blushes that will surely fill the Blushcreme void you’ve been feeling. Brit Wit, Ladyblush, and Posey are all previous color names, and I suspect the colors will be the same in the Cremeblend line. So Sweet, So Easy was previously released with the Lillyland collection in Jan. 2010. Something Special and Tea Petal are new colors.
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Reveiw: Neutrogena Nautrals Purifying Facial Cleanser

Price: $6-8
Size: 177 ml / 6 fl oz
Availability: Drugstores

Company’s Description

This face wash contains natural salicylic acid found in Willowbark bionutrients to penetrate deep into pores to detoxify and help remove dirt, oil and makeup, while rinsing clean without pore-clogging residue.

This is a review of Neutrogena’s latest facial cleaner, released with its new “Naturals” line.
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Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection “Acid Rain”

Release date: April 2011
Availability: Givenchy counters &

Company’s Description

Travelling all over the world nourishes me with discoveries. Diversity is the richness that comes from such wanderings. And yet, in certain ways, the places where people live their lives all seem to follow the same rhythm. No matter the geographic location, no matter the culture, there are always meeting points where the barriers of solitude are broken down. Places for rambling, for celebrating or for dreaming, like guiding beacons drawing us to their light. Sparkling and seductive, the neon lights call out in every language to join the life of the community, to share. Their glow brightens the darkest corners and beautifies the eyes with a tangy multicoloured brilliance.

It mutes the volumes and makes the materials come alive. Like veins of light, pulsing with a unifying electrified energy that sweeps away all inertia, the neon colours resonate and amplify each other, stirring up a rebellious atmosphere in a world that knows no inhibition. Bridging the gap between day and night, neon is the vital force of summer 2011. A season that’s a call to enjoyment, to enjoy greater freedom. And we dare to answer that call, fearing no other consequence than a moment of happiness… to be shared.

Happy new Acid Summer!

— Nicholas Degennes, Givenchy’s Le Makeup Artistic Director

For its Spring/Summer 2011 collection, Givenchy is featuring acid-bright colors and an eye shadow palette that contains both matte and shimmering shadows. This collection will also introduce the Mister Radiant–an illuminating gel that can be built up to a light tan.
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OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection “On Stranger Tides”

Price: $8.50 each
Size: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.
Release date: May 2011
Availability: Dillard’s, JCPenney, ULTA

Company’s Description

“OPI is thrilled to celebrate the latest film in this beloved series. ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ lacquers were inspired by a world filled with mythical mermaids, gleaming treasure and high-seas adventure. With shades ranging from sage and lavender to khaki gray and pastel pink, these colors are evocative of a warm, tropical setting, with a classic nautical influence.”

–Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director

OPI is teaming up with Disney for their Spring 2011 BRIGHTS Collection by celebrating the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This collection will feature 6 limited-edition shades and 1 crackle top-coat.

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MAC Quite Cute Collection

Release date: April 7, 2011
Availability: MAC stores &

Company’s Description

“CUTE!” The most fanciful, fun and flattering compliment and young, modern trendsetter could ever want! Our version is the girliest kind of international glam possible, a style ride that combines postage-stamp-sized puppies with pixie swizzle-stick fashion and butterfly kisses for cute boys and even cuter shoes! Cupcake icing colors, vintage romance, an ATM card with Hello Kitty on it – and a way of life that says “yes!” to everything adorable!

Come on, get happy, with the multi-culti cutie, from Tokyo to Toronto to Paris with love! Pastel shades for Eye Quads, Lipstick, Plushglass, and Nail Lacquer…And due to popular demand, we’re completely cute-ifying three favourite Lip Pencil shades from last season that will join the fun and frolic. Flash! You’ll ♥ the Mineralize Blush with the sweet heart baked right into it. If it shines, shimmers and pops it’s completely, contagiously, cute!

For its Quite Cute collection, MAC has named several of the products after Japanese words and phrases. “Moshi moshi” means (roughly) “hello” and “sakura” means cherry blossom. I’m surprised none of these colors was named “kawaii,” which is the Japanese word for “cute.” But, anyway, here are the items to anticipate for this April!
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Review & Swatches: NYC Smooch Proof 16H LipStains

Price: $4.99
Availability: Drugstores

This review covers 9 shades of NYC’s Smooch Proof 16H LipStain.
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Interview: MAC Viva Glam Gaga II

Q&A with James Ganger, Senior Vice President & Creative Director, MAC Worldwide

Q: This is the second year in a row that VIVA GLAM has partnered with the inimitable Lady Gaga. Why is she such a successful spokesperson for the M·A·C AIDS Fund?

A: She’s an amazing fit for us in so many ways. I think the most important quality is that she is real and she speaks her mind. When M·A·C originally started it was truly a place for all the misfits of the world, where they could feel comfortable and know that they wouldn’t be criticized. We’ve always been all about welcoming everyone into our universe. Gaga is bringing that same spirit to the world. She spreads this message of “don’t be afraid to be who you are, don’t let people put you down,” and radiates this sense of empowerment. Look at how courageously she’s been speaking out lately. She’s so passionate, focused and articulate, and I think we are, too. Especially with VIVA GLAM, we really put ourselves out there and every cent goes to the cause.
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