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Review & Swatches: MAC Tour de Fabulous Lipglasses

MAC still has not released 2 of the shades in this collection–Check This Out and Famously Fab. Instead of waiting until the full line is available (and risk this being another Gareth Pugh Metal-X wait), I decided to show you the colors that are currently available. I will update this post with the 2 additional colors once they are available. Since I know it can be frustrating to sit through a whole video and not see the color(s) you want, I will wait to do the video on this collection until I can show you all the colors. Continue reading

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Review & Swatches: MAC Tour de Fabulous Lip Pencils

This review covers all the Lip Pencils in MAC’s upcoming Tour de Fabulous Collection (originally named Glamglass Collection). The colors are as follows:

  • What Comes Naturally: pale peachy beige (limited edition)
  • Hip ‘n’ Happy: dirty blue pink (limited edition)
  • Have to Have It: soft warm beige (limited edition)
  • Just Wonderful: dirty mauve (limited edition)
  • Entertain Me: clearly orange (limited edition)
  • Lasting Sensation: bright coral (limited edition)
  • Embrace Me: vivid pinkish fuchsia (limited edition)
  • Just My Type: intense warm brown (limited edition)

Continue reading

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MAC Tour de Fabulous Collection

Sshhh…Lips speak louder than words. You’re invited to experience glamour that’s strictly word-of-mouth. Newly formulated, this super-silky gloss delivers the perfect amount of Knockout colour with its innovative new brush applicator. Encounter a Lasting Sensation of hypnotically intense, pure colour with a vividly alluring shine that leaves lips looking lush for hours. Mesmerizingly minimal, non-sticky texture feels comfortable… featherlight. Eight tantalizing Lip Pencil shade extensions round out a collection that positively whispers Embrace Me. Continue reading

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